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Your partner in development projects

We help you get funding from Business Finland and ELY. Your risk is always zero with us, as we charge our fee only if you get the funding.

Tempo funding application for Business Finland

4,000 €

Modelling Tempo project and writing the application
  • We will write the documentation  for you
  • We use workshop methods with you
  • You will be invoiced only, if you get the Tempo funding with our help

External project manager for funded project

1,500 € monthly

Turnkey solution for your development project
  • We take care of all the red tape around funding
  • We meet with your project team twice every month
  • Minimum length for the project is six months    

Funding application (other than Tempo funding)

6,66 % success fee

Application for Business Finland or ELY funding
  • We will write the application for you
  • We use workshop methods with you
  • Typical target for funding is between 35,000 € - 200,000 €     

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